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Scope of application This stipulates on the ejector pin used in mold for plastic molding(injection molding, compression molding and transter molding).
Material quality SACM 645(Aluminum, Chrome and Molybdenum Steel)
Above diagram illustrates surface structure of SACM645, which has undergone GAS softening.
Photograph 1 is our product, which in comparison to the product of other company in Photograph 2, has tightly formed nitrified diffusion layer due to quenching and tempering processing. Accordingly, the nitrification layer (10~15㎛) improves wear resistance while the nitrified diffusion layer (0.2~0.4mm) improves fatigue resistance. In addition, there is no occurrence of breaking during production process as the toughness increases for quenching and tempering processed product.
The chart illustrates the cross-sectional hardness of our product, which has been quenching and tempering processed, and that of product of other company, which has not undergone quenching and tempering process. Our product, which has undergone nitrified thermal processing, and product of other company displays substantial difference in surface hardness as well as in internal hardness into the diffused layer.