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A Message from the CEO

We sincerely appreciate your interest and support for Poongkang Precision Co., Ltd.

With business objective of serving to the mold pin industry of Korea, Poongkang Precision Co., Ltd.
have manufactured superlative mold pin for the last 37 years since its establishment back in 1973
in Korea.
We are very much proud of the roll out of the first-of-its kind drill pin made of SK-3 and SKH-9 materials, and ejector pin made of SK-3 and SACM645 with genuinely home-produced technology, leading
the growth of domestic mold pin industry.
To keep our promise with our customers, manufacturing superlative mold pin, we're continuously invested in technology development and maintained strict quality control standards. As a recognition for this endeavor, we're received a certificate of specialized company in parts and materials by MOCIE,
the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2007 and this helped us increase our domestic presence as a professional manufacturer for mold parts including mold pin.

Poongkang Precision Co., Ltd. will take a leap to contribute to public welfare hearafter by carrying out our philosophy such as high precision and superlative quality, on time delivery by securing sufficient inventories, and reasonable price by rationalization of management and production. Keeping in mind that your encouragement and support is crucial to our success, all of us at Poongkang Precision Co., Ltd.
will keep tirelessly putting our best efforts.

Thank you.

PoongKang Precision co., LTD. President Hong Ki Bon